aren’t you ever afraid you’ll just end up where you started?

you look out the window and you see nothing happening. Everything remains dormant except the force of the seasons. People cease to be productive, because you see nothing happening. If you look outside and see the world happening before your eyes you’re going to make your world happen. If you look outside and see nothing happening you’re going to feel compelled to do nothing, to become nothing but a being altered solely by the passing seasons and the substances you use to speed the time. But the clock only ticks as fast as the gears that built it, and you’ll only tick as fast as the gears that built you. And sometimes you’ll think that the gears in the clock have broken, or the gears inside of you have been broken. The truth is that the ticking happens continuously even if you don’t hear it. So make your life happen before your gears get rusty or you’ll forever be stuck waiting and listening for the ticking of your life to happen, never to actually experience the beauty of movement through every moment as the ticking brings you forward with every second passing


Serge Mendjisky, Monotypes, New York Series

Walk Don’t Walk, 2001

Blue Bridge, 2007



Mungo Thomson - Negative Space (2006)


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i’ve felt sort of like a piece of dust floating around in an old room, one of the ones that you can only see when it drifts into a beam of sun to be illuminated for only a moment before it disappears again 

i just wanna say i’m sorry for disappearing but i’m having a hard time finding my way back into the sunlight


Illustrations and Mixed Media by Sandra Chevrier

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